Emerald crypto is a proof-of-work scrypt coin. It is an Open Source Project since 2013.
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Emerald Crypto was launched by the Emerald community members in early 2013 as an independent and objective source of information about the decentralised Emerald Crypto open source project. Wherever you read posts or articles with a web link to Emerald Crypto, please understand that, as a rule, Emerald Crypto doesn't authorise, neither controls these posts/articles, and sometimes they may contain information that is incorrect or outdated. There are also other Emerald Crypto websites, driven by other people, Discord, Telegram channels. Also please check out Bitcointalk Announcements. AS IS. No advice. No warranty. Use Emerald Crypto resources at your own risk, and always do your own research.

The Emerald Core Team
Meet the people who works for Emerald Crypto and who are running this amazing open source project.