Emerald Crypto Core Team

Everything is driven by people. EMD too. So look who is working on the open source project Emerald Crypto Coin. Feel free to get in touch with the team and send us an   eMail. If you like our project, you are welcome to join. It is an open source project, that means everyone is welcome to contribute with his skills and his ideas.

Image "Home:pazor.jpg"
coordinator and projectmanager of Emerald Crypto
involved in website maintaining, social media and development
Discord: pazor#5442 - Telegram: Pazor_EMD

Image "Home:spider.jpg"
developer of Bitbar, Litebar, Emerald Crypto, BitcoinFast, LitecoinPlus, Altcoinwarz.com
involved in development
Discord: Spidersbox#2133

Image "Home:alex.jpg"
financial advisor of Emerald Crypto
involved in promotion and public relations
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former developer of Emerald Crypto

Supporters and Contributors

Image "Home:dorian.jpg"
involved in development and BitcoinTalk Thread management
Discord: doriangray#7537

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involved in Facebook management
Discord: zenki0906#8091