Frequently Asked Questions

Emerald version v0.8.7.517-2-g53e637b-beta
  • scrypt - proof of work
  • 20 second block times
  • currently 0.25 EMD per block
  • 3 confirmations per transaction
  • 50 confirmations per mined block
  • difficulty adjusts each block with DGW3
  • ~32,000,000 total coins over time
  • P2P Port - 12127
  • RPC Port - 12128
install a linux system. Debian or Ubuntu are recommended
on a xterm session enter
  apt-get install git build-essential libssl-dev libdb5.3-dev libdb5.3++-dev libboost-all-dev libqrencode-dev libminiupnpc-dev miniupnpc
  (on debian 7: apt-get install libdb5.1-dev libdb5.1++-dev)
  cd /opt
  git clone
  cd emerald/src
  mkdir obj
  make -f makefile.unix
  ./emeraldd -? | grep version

  for setting up a EMD node on Ubuntu you can use the Dockerfile provided on
after the first start of Emerald stop the wallet by entering ./emeraldd stop and edit the .emerald/emerald.conf file
related to Version
to avoid memory allocation errors of Berkeley DB add to your .emerald directory a file named DB_CONFIG containing the statement mutex_set_max 100000
  echo "mutex_set_max 100000" >> ~/.emerald/DB_CONFIG
please check the blockchain height of your EMD client.
if the block height differs from the value of 5533164 blocks you must:
  • shutdown your client
  • edit your emerald.conf by adding
  • change temporary the peer2peer port by adding port=12129
  • remove all blk*.dat files
  • remove the peers.dat file
  • remove the database folder
  • restart your client and let resync starts
  • check your peers info to see the "Satoshi:" or "Emerald:V0.8.7.517" protocol

after sucessfull synchronisation
  • restore the peer2peer port by adding port=12127

hint - if you want to accelerate the sync you can download the blockchain snapshot / bootstrap
  • download the latest blockchain snapshot
  • unzip the file in your emerald directory (windows: %APPDATA%\Emerald)
    you will see the file bootstrap.dat
  • start emerald-qt
  • now the Emerald Wallet should import the blockchain from your local harddrive

MD5SUM checksum of bootstrap.dat files

please be patient, it could take some time to import all the blocks
genesis block of Emerald was created on 2013-06-16 05:01:49
  block 0000000 - 3110399  -  block reward 5.00 EMD after 2.0 years
  block 3110400 - 3888000  -  block reward 2.50 EMD after 2.5 years
  block 3888001 - 4665600  -  block reward 1.00 EMD after 3.0 years
  block 4665601 - 5443200  -  block reward 0.50 EMD after 3.5 years
  block 5443201 - 6220800  -  block reward 0.25 EMD after 4.0 years
  • download the Emerald wallet from this site
  • start it and get your Emerald address
  • download the cpu miner for scrypt coins
  • unpack the zip file
  • start the miner
         ./minerd -t <threads> -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u <your Emerald address> -p x
  • check your Emerald income on
    by entering your Emerald address
visit the EMD Faucet service of